Tyler's Traveller Time

Scout's Honor
The Travellers saves a space station

Finally, the last of many deliveries.

Our travelers arrive at a space station orbiting a Travel Code: Red planet with a cargo of lab supplies and toiletries.

What should have been a simple delivery is complicated as soon as they enter the docking bay. Alarms blare and several locked doors later, our travelers discovers pirates have taken over the station! What do they want? Money? Scientists? Secrets? Perhaps whatever is in Lab C is worth the risk…

After getting shot a lot the pirate captain is subdued and lab C, while it’s secret is horrible, is not the cause of the attack. How the pirate’s ramshackle ship made it to the station is a mystery beyond the knowledge of our travelers. With the payment and respect of the scientists, our travelers return to the stars.

And maybe some joyriding.


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