History of the Galaxy

The Ancients

Before recorded history, a race known as The Ancients dominated the entire Milky Way. They colonized the entire galaxy and the spaces they explored are now known as “charted space”. They also meddled with the lesser species of the galaxy, creating the vargr and zhodani among countless other lesser races. For some unknown reason, they wiped themselves out over 10,000 years ago. No one is sure if The Ancients died to war, some galaxy-wide plague, a racial exodus or something… stranger. The Ancient’s technology was far beyond the grasp of even the most scientific minds of the galaxy. Their average cruiser was capable of destroying an entire planet on its own and no one understands what most of their stuff was for.


Fast forward to the year 2XXX, mankind is able to explore and colonize the solar system. As time goes on, the Jump Drive is developed, allowing humanity to visit it’s neighbor systems. A group of humans take to the stars and start to colonize other planets. This causes friction on Earth, as the people leaving are considered deserters by staunch Terrans. The group leaving adopts the name Vilani while the group left behind is called the Solomani. As the centuries roll on, the vilani make a successful galactic empire, the First Imperium of Man. However, as this is a new thing for humanity the empire stagnated and eventually crumbled. Taking advantage of the First Imperium’s weakness, the Solomani expanded out from Earth and took over, creating their own Second Imperium. The Second Imperium was a beautiful society on the surface, taking the lessons learned from the vilani’s failure and overdoing them to the point where they were so over-opulent that they imploded from the inability for their actual government to match their outward appearance.

We are now in the Third Imperium of Man, where the solomani and vilani have set aside their differences and formed a functioning society. The year is now 1125i, this is where you come in…

History of the Galaxy

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