System 0103

Universal World Profile
Lyceas/0103/D200463-13 S /A Ht Lp/R

Name: Lyceas (Lyceas Station)
System: 0103

Size: 2 – 3,200 km (Luna)
Gravity: 0.15 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 0 – None
Temperature: 5 – Temperate (0-30 degrees C, however it swings from roasting during the day to freezing at night)
Hydrographics: 0

Population: 4 – Tens of Thousands
Government: 6 – Captive Government
Rival Factions:

  • Impersonal Bureaucracy (Overwhelmingly Popular Support)
  • Representative Democracy (Overwhelmingly Popular Support)
    Law Level: 3
    Bans: Technology (TL 15), Weapons (Heavy +), Travellers (Land only at authorized spots)

Starport: D
Facilities: Scout Base
TL: 13 – Average Stellar
Trade Goods: Asteroid, High Technology, Low Population
Travel Code: Red

Known Information: Lyceas Station is a station besieged. It began as an Imperial research station but a number of special interest groups pushed for pieces of the pie until they finally funded a clandestine rebellion. At the same time, a number of the menial laborers on the station formed a representative democracy which gained overwhelming support quickly. These three factions are now violently clashing, turning the small moon L-16 (orbiting the gas giant Lyceas) into a war zone in the corridors crossing it. Travellers should be aware that until the situation is resolved, the Travel Code for Lyceas Station and its scout station (being used to supply Imperial warships monitoring the station) is red.

The numbers given above are for the moon itself, the facility which runs throughout it is obviously pressurized and has gravity and an atmosphere.

System 0103

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