System 0206

Universal World Profile
Arsos/0206/E8987C9-5/Fo I Ww/A

Name: Arsos
System: 0206

Size: 8 – 12,800 km (Earth)
Gravity: 1
Atmosphere: 9 – Dense, Tainted
Temperature: 5 – Temperate (0-30 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 8 – 76-85% (Water World)

Population: 7 – Tens of Millions
Government: 12 – Charismatic Oligarchy
Law Level: 10
Bans: Weapons (Any)

Starport: E
Facilities: None
TL: 5 – Industrial
Trade Goods: Fluid Oceans, Industrial, Water World
Travel Code: Amber

Known Information: Arsos is a world covered in fluid ammonia oceans. It has little land, and the land it has is mostly relegated to the ruling junta. The government is highly insular but does recognize the greater Imperium. Most of the population lives on giant rigging platforms that drill precious materials out of the ammonia oceans while also refining the ammonia itself into useful chemicals. Filters are required for living outside, but in most parts of the facilities, air filters do a decent job of keeping out the deadly air. The planet’s fairly low tech level overall, however, means a lot of this technology is weak or falling apart, leading to fairly short lifespans for the people. Smarter citizens and workers wear their filtration masks at almost all times.

System 0206

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