System 0207

Universal World Profile
Drade/0207/E476558-5/I Lp/A

Name: Drade
System: 0207

Size: 4 – 6,400 km (Mars)
Gravity: 0.35 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 7 – Standard, Tainted
Temperature: 11 – Hot (31-80 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 6 – 56-65%

Population: 5 – Hundreds of Thousands
Government: 5 – Feudal Technocracy
Rival Factions:

  • Feudal Technocracy (Notable Group)
    Law Level: 8
    Bans: Weapons (All bladed, stunners)
    Cultural Differences:
  • Ritualized

Starport: E
Facilities: None
TL: 5 – Industrial
Trade Goods: Industrial, Low Population
Travel Code: A

Known Information: Drade is a world controlled by a priesthood that worships machines and their machine god, Gyros. The people work in one massive factory city that has managed to pollute the already dangerous atmosphere of the world into one that is officially classified as tainted. Lifespan is very low, and Imperial scientists suspect that this world’s population would be in the hundreds of millions if the people didn’t die so quickly. The world is fully industrialized and churns out many mundane products. There is a faction within the current government that wants to lower religious mysticism and improve the lives of their people.

System 0207

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