System 0209

Universal World Profile
Thoria/0209/C557300-2 R P/R

Name: Thoria
System: 0209

Size: 5 – 8,000 km
Gravity: 0.45 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 5 – Thin
Temperature: 9 – Temperate (0-30 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 7 – 66-75% (Earth-like)

Population: 3 – Thousands
Government: 0 – None
Rival Factions: None
Law Level: 0
Bans: None
Cultural Differences:

  • Unusual Custom: Offworlders

Starport: C
Facilities: Research Base, Pirates
TL: 2 – Primitive
Trade Goods: None
Travel Code: Red

Known Information:
Thoria is a planet preserved by the Imperium. A Class C starport connected to a large research facility orbits the planet. Specifically, the research station is monitoring the advancement of the people on Thoria. The station’s name is Thoria Station. The people of Thoria are 7-8 feet tall on average and very slender. They have overdeveloped hearts and lungs to handle the atmosphere and thus do not suffer penalties for it. The occasional research visit has convinced the people that offworlders are gods from the skies (The Little Gods), come to visit. They are scattered around in a few different clans on one massive mega-continent.

Further Information:
First Adventure site! A small pirate ship occasionally plagued the sector, until the crew of (SHIP NAME) took care of the problem. The researchers were secretly kidnapping people from the planet and subjecting them to various “culture shock” experiments to see how a culture with almost no technology could adapt to going up over ten tech-levels.

System 0209

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