System 0301

Universal World Profile

Name: Lorun
System: 0301

Size: 6 – 9,600 km
Gravity: 0.7 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 10 (A) – Exotic
Temperature: 8 – Temperate (0-30 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 3 – 26-25%

Population: 4 – Tens of Thousands
Government: 6 – Captive Government
Law Level: 6
Bans: All Firearms except Shotguns and Stunners, open carry discouraged. Visits discouraged, excessive contact forbidden.
Cultural Differences:

  • Remnant
  • Unusual Custom: Technology
  • Artistic

Starport: B
Facilities: None
TL: 8
Trade Goods: Industrial

Known Information: Lorun is a planet with a storied past. It was once a hub of the ancients and as such contains many of their most impressive ruins. A megacorp dedicated to uncovering the Ancient’s secrets has employed the entirety of the local population (themselves almost wiped out by misuse of Ancient tech long ago) to working the ruins. The atmosphere, while chemically safe, is unbreathable by humans. Many believe it to have been changed by the Ancients to suit their own needs. The people live in OxyDomes that pump oxygen into them. Most work is done on the surface and in ruins/underground however and thus the planet is not lacking in oxygen tanks and masks (most families own many of both). The corporation, Ormen Corp, now controls the oxygen on the planet and thus basically controls the planet. Weapons able to possible penetrate the domes are banned, and the corp restricts visits as they don’t want interlopers. The people use their free time to take pieces of the ruins and create abstract statues and sculptures which litter the planet. A long time ago there was also a revolt by robotic workers and now robots have rights.

System 0301

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