System 0401

Universal World Profile

Name: Vortu
System: 0401

Size: 3 – 4,800km (Mercury)
Gravity: 0.25 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 5 – Thin
Temperature: 6 – Temperate
Hydrographics: 0

Population: 1 – Few
Government: 0 – None
Law Level: 0
Bans: All Weapons
Cultural Differences:

  • Unusual Customs: Lifecycles (clones)
  • Peaceful
  • Tourist Attraction
  • Ritualized

Starport: C
Facilities: Imperial Consulate
TL: 12 – Average Stellar
Trade Goods: None

Known Information: Vortu is basically a giant museum. The Ancients left fantastic ruins everywhere and a small group of clones manages it all. Anyone interested in the Ancients would do well to visit, and many do. The clones, known collectively as The Curators, are a peaceful group and for their and others safety they have banned weapons on the planet (not to mention protecting the ruins!). They are extremely polite and everything done is done with the utmost respect. Singular, they refer to themselves as “Curator”. Every group will be assigned a Curator and an air car to tour. A VERY small imperial consulate is attached to the main facility mostly to help with upkeep and things.

System 0401

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