System 0403

Universal World Profile

Name: Vini
System: 0403

Size: 9 – 14,400km
Gravity: 1.25 – High Gravity
Atmosphere: 7 – Standard, Tainted
Temperature: 4 – Cold (-51-0 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 1 – 6-15%

Population: 8 – Hundreds of Millions
Government: 8 – Civil Service Bureaucracy
Rival Factions:

  • Impersonal Bureaucracy (Minor Group)
    Law Level: 5
    Bans: Personal Concealable Weapons
    Cultural Differences: None

Starport: A
Facilities: Naval Base, Research Base, TAS, Imperial Consulate
TL: 8 – Pre-Stellar
Trade Goods: Desert, Ice-Capped, Vinitanium

Known Information: Vini is possibly one of the most boring worlds in the Imperium. Think of a giant bureaucracy and you aren’t that far off. Life is very regulated, but the people prefer it that way due to a massive war that occurred a generation or two ago. A small faction within the government itself is actually advocating for separation from the people completely, leaving them no input and going full Orwellian. The Dome Cities on the planet (to protect from the toxic atmosphere) are pretty much completely given over to working the freezing desert and the ice caps, where all the planet’s water is locked. As a result, it has many rare materials including a very unique material called vinitanium, mined from deep within the deserts. Vinitanium is EXTREMELY radioactive in it’s natural state, and the radioactive atmosphere is considered a byproduct of the semi-porous metal filtering gases. Once processed, vinitanium is soft yet strong and also mildly porous. It is great for filtration systems, ablative armors, and many construction uses. The naval Base and Research Base are connected and protect and study the vinitanium respectively.

System 0403

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