System 0406

Universal World Profile

Name: Sychi Psycia
System: 0406

Size: 5 – 8,000km
Gravity: 0.45 – Low gravity
Atmosphere: 5 – Thin
Temperature: 5 – Temperate (0-31 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 6 – 56-65%

Population: 5 – Hundreds of Thousands
Government: 3 – Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Law Level: 0
Bans: None
Cultural Differences: None

Starport: C
Facilties: TAS
TL: 8 – Pre-Stellar
Trade Goods: Agricultural, Fluid Oceans, Non-Industrial

Known Information: Sychi Psycia, or SyPsy for short, has a large mega-continent in its southern hemisphere. The rest of the planet is water. The people live along the coast and make most of their living doing things related to the ocean. They are ruled by a distant monarch who lives more inland. Due to recent pressure from offworlders, the people of SyPsy are now extremely insular and tight lipped. They also don’t take kindly to people wandering their planet, especially if the ocean is involved.

System 0406

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