System 0504

Universal World Profile

Name: Fu-Sang
System: 0504

Size: 10 (A) – 16,000km
Gravity: 1.4 – High Gravity
Atmosphere: 14 (E) – Thin, Low
Temperature: 3 – Cold (-51-0 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 6 – 56-65%

Population: 9 – Billions
Government: 4 – Representative Democracy
Law Level: 5
Bans: Personal Concealable Weapons, Anagathics, Gov Psionics Only
Cultural Differences: None

Starport: A (Naval Base, TAS, Imperial Consulate)
TL: 13
Trade Goods: High Population, High technology, Non-Industrial

Known Information: Fu-Sang is one of the Imperium’s crown jewels in this sub-sector. Containing a massive city that is the pinnacle of Imperial Life, it supports a huge naval base (more a shipyard, really) to exploit the lower atmosphere. The smaller settlements are situated in natural and artificial gullies and valleys, sometimes many miles below sea level.

System 0504

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