System 0508

Universal World Profile

Name: Chang-Er
System: 0508

Size: 5 – 8,000km
Gravity: 0.45 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 6 – Standard
Temperature: 4 – Cold (-51-0 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 9 – 86-95%

Population: 8 – Hundreds of Millions
Government: 10 (A) – Charismatic Dictator
Rival Factions:

  • Civil Service Bureaucracy (Overwhelmingly Popular Support)
  • Charismatic Dictator (Overwhelmingly Popular Support)
    Law Level: 5
    Bans: None
    Cultural Differences: None

Starport: C
Facilities: None
TL: 9 – Pre-Stellar
Trade Goods: Fluid Oceans, Ice Capped, Water World

Known Information: Chang-Er is a water world ruled by three different governments, each of which support the Imperium but oppose each other. They are not in open conflict. The cities are anchored to the bottom of the seas around the equator. Due to the planet’s low temperature, the polar caps extend down much farther than usual.

System 0508

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