System 0510

Universal World Profile

Name: Iahamu
System: 0510

Size: 8 – 12,800km (Earth)
Gravity: 1.0
Atmosphere: 13 (D) – Dense, High
Temperature: 11 – Hot (31-80 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 0

Population: 8 – Hundreds of Millions
Government: 3 – Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Rival Factions:

  • Feudal Technocracy (Notable Group)
    Law Level: 0
    Bans: Weapons of law level 3 and below
    Cultural Differences: None

Starport: D
Facilities: Scout Base
TL: 6 – Industrial
Trade Goods: Industrial (But most goods are needed for the planet. The nobles often pay in flat out creds)

Known Information: Iahamu is a world on the decline. Over the millenia, it has fallen from a mystical wonder of floating technology to a barely functioning, rusted shell of its former glory. The sky-cities dotting its skies are held together with hope and what meager supplies the ruling nobility deign to give to their people. Their floating pleasure palaces, however, are always immaculate and never have Grav-Tremors like the cities do. At least once a generation, another city falls from the skies and millions of lives are lost. Imperial analysts believe the people of Iahamu have 200 years at their current rate of decay before every city on the planet falls. Some hope remains, however. The almost mythical “skymen”, the mechanics that keep the cities running, are finally joining together to throw off the yoke of the nobility and impose their own feudal technocracy. They believe that with different policies (and salvaging the noble’s palaces) they could bring life back the the sky-cities. The planet itself is stiflingly hot and the cities lie JUST below the cloud line. The planet has no standing water and the citizens actively “mine” the clouds for liquid. Fog is common and hot rain is also frequent. The surface of the planet, having a thin atmosphere close to the surface due to massive pressure differentials, offers little in the way of goods.

System 0510

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