System 0604

Universal World Profile

Name: Earendil
System: 0604

Size: 4 – 6,400km (Mars)
Gravity: 0.35 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 6 – Standard
Temperature: 7 – Temperate (0-31 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 2 – 16-25%

Population: 9 – Billions
Government: 12 © – Charismatic Oligarchy
Rival Factions:

  • Charismatic Oligarchy (Notable)
  • Civil Service Bureaucracy (Minor)
    Law Level: 9
    Bans: All Weapons
    Cultural Differences: None

Starport: C
Facilities: Imperial Consulate
TL: 9 – Pre-Stellar
Trade Goods: Agricultural, High Population, Industrial
Travel Code: Amber

Known Information: Earendil is a planet in caught in revolutionary throes. A Communist tribunal was recently imploded by civil war, it’s three leaders splitting off and forming their own factions. They are currently wrestling for control of the planet, but rumor is spreading that the remnants of the previous government have developed nuclear weapons, and this is making the Imperium antsy.

System 0604

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