System 0607

Universal World Profile

Name: Alkonost
System: 0607

Size: 5 – 8,000km
Gravity: 0.45 – Low Gravity
Atmosphere: 6 – Standard
Temperature: 9 – Temperate (0-31 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 5 – 46-55%

Population: 3 – Thousands
Government: 4 – Representative Democracy
Law Level: 0
Bans: None
Cultural Differences:

  • Unusual Custom: Offworlders
  • Artistic

Starport: D
Facilities: Scout Base, Imperial Consulate
TL: 5 – Industrial
Trade Goods: Agricultural, Non-Industrial

Known Information: Alkonost is very much a small frontier colony. The Imperium installed it 20 years ago and it has proven fairly successful. The people of Alkonost were drawn from artistic bunches from all over the sector in a bid to make somewhat of an artist colony. They relentlessly pump outsiders for stories, inspiration, and to pose for various artworks.

System 0607

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