System 0708

Universal World Profile

Name: Adonis
System: 0708

Size: 10 (A) – 16,000km
Gravity: 1.4 – High Gravity
Atmosphere: 15 (F) – Unusual
Temperature: 11 – Hot (31-80 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 1 – 6-15%

Population: 5 – Hundreds of Thousands
Government: The Imperium
Law Level: Absolute
Bans: All Weapons, All Drugs, All Travellers, All Outside Information, All Psionics, All Data from Offworld barring fictional holos and books
Cultural Differences: Variable

Starport: A
Facilities: Naval Base, Research Base, Imperial Consulate
TL: 14 – Average Stellar
Trade Goods: None
Travel Code: Red

Known Information: Adonis is a prison planet, given over to the worst the sub-sector has to offer. There is also an orbital facility, Adonis Station, for lesser criminals. The atmosphere is extremely unusual in that it is ellipsoidal. This means the atmosphere is extremely thin at the poles and extremely dense at the equator. This leaves a thin band of inhabitable space, giving the Imperium a large degree of control on where the prisoners can go. A small research base exists to study this anomaly. They believe it is caused by Ancient’s tech, which has gotten the brass worried.

System 0708

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