System 0710

Universal World Profile

Name: Ba-Pef
System: 0710

Size: 8 – 12,800km (Earth)
Gravity: 1.0
Atmosphere: 10 (A) – Exotic
Temperature: 5 – Temperate
Hydrographics: 3 – 26-35%

Population: 9 – Billions
Government: 11 (B) – Non-Charismatic Leader
Law Level: 9
Bans: All Weapons, All outside data, All Offworlders
Cultural Differences: None

Starport: A
Facilities: Naval Base (Destroyed), Scout Base, TAS (Destroyed)
TL: 12 – Average Stellar
Trade Goods: N/A
Travel Code: Red

Known Information: Ba-Pef is currently in a hostage crisis in the order of billions of people. The planetary ruler’s son took over in a deadly coup, severed ties with the Imperium, and now claims independence. When the Navy went in to strong arm him, he declared that he had nuclear weapons, enough to ignite the exotic atmosphere and turn the entire planet into a gigantic fireball. He was quick to mention that a dead-man’s-switch was installed into his heart, so if he dies without inputting the codes that only he knows… well, the planet is dust. The Imperium is now in one of the biggest hostage situations in history, and they prefer not to negotiate. Especially when a planet wants independence. The orbital scout base is where the Imperium is staged.

System 0710

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