System 0810

Universal World Profile

Name: Amenhotep
System: 0810

Size: 0 – 800km (Asteroid)
Gravity: 0 – Vacuum
Atmosphere: 0
Temperature: 0
Hydrographics: 0

Population: 4 – Tens of Thousands
Government: The Imperium
Law Level: 7
Bans: Shotguns, Narcotics, Psionic use forbidden
Cultural Differences: None

Starport: C
Facilities: Scout Base
TL: 11 – Early Stellar
Trade Goods: Variable

Known Information: Amenhotep is a massive gas giant in system 0810. Amenhotep STATION is the scout base implanted in an asteroid that orbits it. It is a massive scout base and the Imperium’s chief scout base in the sector.

System 0810

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