System 0107

Universal World Profile
Thoth/0107/A7C0000-0/R TAS IC/D

Name: Thoth
System: 0107

Size: 7 – 11,200 km
Gravity: 0.9
Atmosphere: 12 © – Insidious
Temperature: 11 – Hot (31-80 degrees C)
Hydrographics: 0

Population: 0

Starport: A
Facilities: Research Base, TAS, Imperial Consulate
TL: 0
Trade Goods: Desert

Known Information: Thoth is a world whose atmosphere is so toxic that it will kill humans and destroy metals in minutes. A permanent research base is posted in orbit around the planet, testing terraforming techniques and weathering on materials. The base has an attached Imperial Consulate, as the planet is controlled by the Imperium and important materials come out of its deserts (when the storms aren’t wracking them). To facilitate the needs of wayward travellers, consultants, and traders, the TAS set up a small lodge near the top class starport of the base. Thoth is fairly popular to visit, as it is a beautiful planet to view, as giant storms rage across its surface.

System 0107

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